Regulatory Security


Protecting information must be a priority for any organization.

From NTR Security, we can help you plan, design and implement a security solution, based on ISO 27001, fully customized for your organization.

Why ISO 27001 and which benefits does it offer?

ISO 27001 is a key tool that makes it easy to establish, implement, maintain, and improve security for one of the organization’s most valuable assets; information.

The commercial benefits of the ISO 27001 standard are considerable, as they do not only help ensure that a company’s security risks are managed profitably, but also its adherence to this globally recognized standard sends a valuable and important message – we make things the right way – offering other organizations, partners and customers greater confidence.

What does it mean to establish ISO 27001?

The ISO / IEC 27001 standard becomes a management system aimed at putting information security under concrete, demonstrable management control (ISMS) Management system to secure information.

The ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all the legal, physical and technical controls involved in the organization’s information risk management processes, helping to protect critical business data (personal data, corporate data, intellectual property,…) and implement effective and affordable solutions that protect the investment, the employees, the clients and the shareholders, drastically improving the reputation of the organization and avoiding risks and breaches of security that are harmful and costly for it.

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