Next Cloud Backup (CTERA)

NTRSecurity Nextcloud together with CTERA is a scalable hybrid professional backup solution, a local storage service, which is replicated on remote cloud servers, able to ensure that your business and your data are safe, in a space of Virtual work, accessible at any time, from anywhere and from any device.

Hybrid Nextcloud Backup

Installation of storage equipment (NAS) on company premises with fully automated synchronization, file sharing and information protection in the cloud.

Complete copy system, using local equipment, CTERA control software and cloud storage-synchronization-sharing.

The Nextcloud solution offers many advantages, among which we would highlight:

Simplicity and efficiency

Backups are performed without user intervention at high speed, avoiding errors, loss of information or mismanagement of them.

On the other hand, the cost is very low compared to traditional tape backup and WAN copies to external servers.

Greater security and more comfort

All the information is encrypted, both locally and in the cloud, avoiding copying and the subsequent treatment by unauthorized persons, allowing strict compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar laws in different countries.

The CTERA tool also provides, through a simple interface, unified monitoring and management of all devices as well as information.

Business continuity

At a time when a large number of organizations suffer attacks and infections capable of paralyzing activity (such as Virus Ransomware or WannaCry) it is necessary to protect themselves effectively so that whatever happens, business continuity is guaranteed.

Collaboration and sharing

Nextcloud together with CTERA becomes a file collaboration, sharing and synchronization solution that allows organizations to approach content collaboration solutions.

Users can access files from any internet access, using through software clients, any device, mobile applications or browser.

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