Endpoint Protector

What is Endpoint Protector?

Endpoint Protector is a solution developed by CoSoSys, for data loss prevention (DLP) preventing users from storing confidential data on their work computers and preventing them from sending sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network.

Once the DLP software tool has been implemented, an end user who tries, accidentally or maliciously, to reveal confidential information that has been tagged, will be automatically rejected and cannot make use of that information. On the other hand, all activity and data flows on the network will be monitored and controlled.

The use of Endpoint Protector serves both small, medium and large companies, available as hardware, virtual device or as a cloud infrastructure.

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CoSoSys is a pioneer company in DLP solutions that protects more than 11 million users worldwide.

Among its clients, Fortune 500 companies are included.

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