Compliance audit


Information security is an essential objective for any organization and it cannot be allowed to be exposed to possible theft, deterioration or access by unauthorized persons.

With the audit we validate the risk levels to which the information of the organization is exposed, we analyze the information that is managed and stored inside and outside the computer systems, in order to identify, list and evaluate the controls that are implemented to guarantee its confidentiality, integrity and availability, as well as its compliance with the policies, mandatory external regulations and standards that the organization applies.

In order to do so, we will analyze, based on the defined strategic objectives, all the processes involved. Once the results are obtained, they will be detailed and validated with the responsible person/s of the company.


We maintain high standards of technical excellence in order to offer exceptional service to our clients, in order to guarantee that their information on processes, operations and projects meet and exceed the required rules and regulations.

We help the organization meet their obligations and challenges.

Audits, in addition to guaranteeing compliance with the law, contribute to preventing and detecting threats, as well as mitigating risks in data protection.

Are you worried about information security in your company?

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